Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Say Goodbye to the Union Building Greasy Cafe! - Lunch at the Reading Room

Ok ... isn't university all about greasy cafes and slops at the Halls of Residence ... well kiss those salad days goodbye! Forego that bucket of chips and the instant noodles cooked in a billy kettle, VU has thrown its hand in the Hipster stakes with its resident cafe - The Reading Room - aptly named and situated just inside the Library's main doors.

Already causing a stir amongst Footscray's latest ubercool demographic, it has quietly been drawing the brunch crowds, and while it doesn't quite pack the wow punch that Footscray Milking Station delivers, it is still wonderfully quaint and not a bad way to spend a quiet coffee with friends.

On a recent work at home day and after a meeting at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service at their amazing offices over in West Melbourne, M and I took a rare opportunity of having a weekday lunch together and decided to check out the joint.

M opted for the Thai Chicken pie with salad. This wouldn't have been my first choice as anything Thai combined with Pie generally means some kind of creamy sweet concoction far removed from the spicy promise of its origins. But M enjoyed it although the pie had done its dash in the microwave which can only mean one thing - soggy pastry.

I fared better with my Chicken roll, with its generous sludgy mix of chicken pieces in a dill inflected mayonnaise (I think). Scrumptious.

As for coffee, we either had the Chompy from Sensory Labs or the Candyman from Small Batch roasters. I'm inclined to think it was the latter as DJ's in the city is mine and P's coffee catch up venue of choice.

So are you jealous that you're not living out in the West yet?

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