Sunday, 13 March 2011

They Played Another Sunny Day at Belle and Sebastian

Ok ... if you could bottle up goodwill and cheer and all round niceness you would have the Belle and Sebastian gig at the Forum on Saturday night.

I've never been completely a fan of this brand of twee english rock. Its all a bit too Cherry Tree records for my liking. But I have always loved "Another Sunny Day" because if you are going to go all the way, you might as well go all the way.

The ingredients on this bottle should read includes string quartet, flute, recorder, pianica and harmonica ... you getting the general idea now? Everyone and their dog on stage? Literary and verbose? What Neil Hannon would call "pale pubescent beasts"?

Well, it would be a really hard heart that couldn't find some soupcon of conviviality amongst the Belle and Sebastian canon, and it is a large one comprising of much the same in timbre and context.

And if you really weren't into this scottish folk rock lark then you wouldn't have been at this gig, would you? Gigs at the Forum don't come cheap!

All in all it was a most enjoyable night, we danced, laughed (Stuart is an all round entertainer in that respect), contemplated and left with smiles on our faces.

Oh and if you ever want to see a straight man dance like a gay boy, Stuart's your guy!

Oh and bless them but try as hard as they like, this is not a band that can rock out! But I appreciated their cover of the Kinks (or the Fall's depending on how old you are) Victoria.


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