Wednesday, 30 March 2011

R&B Revisioned and Distinctly White

Ok ... while I exorcise the new Human League album from my stereo with the comforting sound of the Pains of Being Pure at Heart's newie, I turn my attention to what has been on high rotation on my Ipod of recent times ... James Blake, Jamie Woon & How to Dress Well. Its the new face of R & B and with the exception of Jamie Woon who must be of mixed heritage, it is distinctly caucasian and in many instances heavily auto-tuned. But this does not diminish the emotional and sonic impact that their music brings to the pantheon of a style that has always claimed authenticity through its African American roots. But the Apollo Theatre in its heyday has taken risks in its inclusivity ... David Bowie anyone? So maybe its time for these "pale Pubescent boys" (yes there's that phrase again) to have their day in the sun. With the exception of Jamie Woon whose long player will drop soon, both James and Tim Krell's "How to Dress well" have full-lengthers out that have seen reviewers slobering over their Macbooks ... strangely no one has mentioned next big thing ... yet. Warning .... this ain't no dubstep, ukfunkygrime, nu-soul, hip hop conglomerate ... it isn't exactly easy listening .. so discernment is required.

James Blake- young londoner received acclaimed for dubstep revisioning of Feist's Limit to your love now receiving heavy rotation on Temasek's ipod, particularly the track "I Never learnt to share"

Jamie Woon - another young brit who cut his performing teeth supporting Amy Winehouse with the best pop presentation of the three ... expect celebrity collabs in the near future.

How to Dress Well - Tom Krell the man behind the moniker divides his time between Brooklyn and Germany and is from the turntablist school of electro, i.e. lots of vinyl static and phasing .. addictive in an odd narcotic sort of way - current fave track is the opener You Hold the Water

PS ... what's with all these 80s comebacks? Human League, OMD and hello ... Blancmange?? Those 80s promoters, financial svengalis that they were must have ripped these guys off something shocking!! Time to work for that pension.


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