Saturday, 5 March 2011

Recycling - another use for empty cans

Ok ... dinner at the N's is always a treat ... we have yet to have a bad meal there and even the most prosaic of repasts is lifted by the culinary skills of our hosts ... and lets face it with great company like this, you could slap kraft cheese and tinned tomatoes on some stale pita bread and we would still have a good time.

Anyhow, MN took a leaf out of an Andrew O'Connell recipe and showed us the new fangled technique of gentle pressing by tin can (or as babel likes to call it - pressurage par la boƮte):

And the final result was texturally worth the wank .. erm, I mean effort involved. But MN, easy on the rum next time ... I think I was 70% proof when I left the house ... dear readers, I sincerely hope you have friends who are gourmands too!!!


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