Sunday, 13 March 2011

MissChoo ... m-i-s-s you much!

Ok ... so these western styled izikayas are springing up all round melbourne ... well this one is a vietnamese yum cha style variant ... and once you overcome the naffness and ignore the fact that you can get better and cheaper at dingier climes, MissChoo ain't half bad!

Plus its close to work so perfect for a spot of lunch, or for an inbetween (as in inbetween finising work and going to the movies/theatre/fancy dinner/getting lucky ... you get the pic) snack and bevvie.

I went there twice in one day. The first being lunch with the indomitable MamaT and then it was a quick meal and glass of Pinot Gris before an excruciating work thingey.

I believe Miss Choo started in Sydney (correct me if I'm wrong), but it now has a branch on Exhibition Street, a little up the way from Trunk and in the strip with Sally's Kitchen and 65 degrees ... a tricky possie if you're looking to tempt the drinking and dinner crowd.

You fill out a little order sheet with these adorable little pencils that look better than they work, then take this to the front and the helpful man keys it into the register and pretty soon your food arrives at the table at a fairly brisk pace.

At lunch I opted for the Duck rice paper roll and Mama T had the vegetable dumplings. She fared better as my duck was a little dry but it came in this cute little takeaway container including a yummy dipping sauce in its own little plastic bottle.


We both had some passable peking duck and also pork and prawn dumplings that were moreish.

At dinner, I went for something a little more substantial and had the beef vermicelli salad whilst my companion opted for the salmon version. These were yummy and well worth a return visit.

We shared the vegetarian rice paper roll option which far far far surpassed the duck I had at lunch.

I wouldn't make a special trip here but if you are in the vicinity, you could do far worse. Don't set your expectations too high, but the place, when not packed, or snaking a queue for the takeaway window, is a great choice for a light nosh and quick bevvie.

And I don't know why but every time I think of the name MissChoo I think of this song. Its just how my brain works.


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