Friday, 13 November 2009

Rant over ... now for some inspiration

Ok ... now that my rant is over and out of the way (sorry all - I needed to exorcise it, it was neither clever nor amusing!!!), writing about the new camera, I'm feeling all inspired. My good friend started a Flickr page (I have one but god knows what my login is!!) and took these amazing photos. I think he even had a blog at some stage, and everytime we hung out, you'd lose him for a second coz he's found some random juxtaposition  (a bit of coloured detritus  amongst grey concrete .. that sorta thing) and is snapping away.
Anyhoo, I've always wished I had the inclination and energy to have found a career in design. I do appreciate beauty (well my version of anyway) and like nothing better than flitting through an art gallery, or flipping through a design related zine, whilst sipping*insert beverage of choice* and watching the cool young things drift by.
But sadly that does not translate into the real word of contracts, super and income tax. Its nice to appreciate nonetheless. If you are lucky enough to be involved in a creative process of some description, you might come up with something like this:
Crazy Cool Barcodes
thanks again to for the heads up and pic and designs courtesy of
Cool yah?! I especially like the kwik-kopy-esque man holding a heavy load ... thats the orange one in the middle-ish. Who knew that there were design firms out there specialising in the design of barcodes for commercial purposes .. how are jobs like these advertised? "Do you have a talent for design and an appreciation of barcodes"??? Its crazy how there's all these niche-filling industries out there .. filling niches you never even knew existed.
But I guess commercial design is where the monay is!! M's surgeon's son is a commercial designer. Although I'm not really au fait with the so-called busts of his scattered around his father's waiting rooms. He'd be working to the client's brief for the most part I guess .. which is just as well and you'd agree if you saw those copper objeks dee art. Here is an example of commercial design which I believe is pretty much entirely based on self indulgence. You'd need a large modern white space for this. Presenting Yuki Yamamoto's SPICA speaker (oh ... wait .. yah .. boom boom!)


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