Friday, 13 November 2009

In other happy arrival news

Ok ... so the lovely TN recently accepted delivery of her brand spanking Nokia N97 and we got a call to say that our Samsung ST500 Digital camera had arrived and was ready to be picked up:

Discerning readers will note that for both of these I have linked out to - I go here for all my entertainment recommendations and reviews - I never puchase hardware before a quick check on cnet and/or logging into Choice magazine via the local library membership.
And why have I lumped these 2 things together? Well they both have LCD displays on the back and the front, so if you want to take a photo of youa nd your mate, you can hold the camera up in one hand facing your ugly mugs, view the screen on the front to focus and frame, then click away. No more begging doubtful strangers to help take a photo and maybe make off with your snazzy new digcam, and no more unfocused snaps with just a bit of nose or half an eye.
And yes it is a bit of a novelty item which is so unlike me ... but I wanted a 3" LCD display and we were able to try the touch screen menus out and M was happy with the feel. And I'm sure the HD vid will come in handy ... although I have to try and remember not to talk ... I hate the sound of my voice!!!
Oh and we don't even know what colour we're getting so its going to be a bit od a surprise ... here's hoping its either black, silver or red.


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