Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Last time I checked!!

Ok ... have a look at the sign below:

If you were facing this sign, would you say that it would be ok to park to the left of it and not ok to park to the right? Well if you said yes, then come on board for a $117 parking fine!! Real Mensa material over at our council offices!! Glad to see that my rates have increased in order to buff up their stupid quotient apparently.
Oh and you can't call up and speak to someone on the phone should you wish to query the validity of said penalty or to enquire about signing up to the "pay me for NOT doing my job" club and perhaps to ask for more information regarding the "but you told me I had to make my quota this month" association.
Right so the online form it is, ta muchly. Lets see how long before someone gets back to me to say that there's another sign about a kilometre further down the road.


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