Monday, 2 November 2009

Happy Birthday N!!

Ok ... I can't believe its another year already ...

There's something on the nose
And I think its breaking free
Its dodging speeding bullets
And swinging in the trees
Its climbing makeshift mountains
And gravel headed hills
Its blowing chocolate streamers
And spouting sugar thrills
Its landing on sore bottoms
And scraping bloodied knees
Its crying out in anger
But screaming loud with glee
Its stuffing mouths with snags and bread
And cake thats coloured green
Its yelling Happy Birthday N!!
Before it ups and leaves!
Happy Birthday N ... didn't Nanna G do a great job with the cake ... I scored one of the little red triangle horns on his head!!

Temasek wrote:
As if ... just make sure you credit me ... haha
3 Nov

dan cope wrote:
Have fun at the cup. I am borrowing the poem for the 2 boys? Do i have to pay you royalties?
3 Nov

Temasek wrote:
Gee thanks ... its an original ... I'm sooo ready for hallmark!
2 Nov

dan cope wrote:
Where did you find the poem, it's gorgeous. x
2 Nov

dan cope wrote:
OH OH OH Look at this!! I missed it.. again.. TOOO cute. Hugs d xx
2 Nov


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