Sunday, 8 November 2009

Basterds (sic) one and "tulip sniffing canal foraging hemp loving" all!!!!

Ok ... I think someone's taken one fucked up hit ... and he's smiling as he kicks your arse out of the door ... wishing you a nice weekend whilst he contemplates shoring up his coffers at the expense of families who face an uncertain future ahead of them .... there was a reason we hated dealing with that particular p ... they're all tarred with the same brush ...
So what balm to soothe these raw and festering wounds? .. well a day at the movies of course ... well a lovely lunch and then a movie.
Now I hate to say this but I do have to give props to Tarrantino ... he is in many ways a consummate film maker .. he appeals to movie maker and buff alike ... but more importantly he gets the BOS (bums on seats). Even though everytime I see him in pics or on the telly I want to punch him out ... you have to give the man his dues ... putting aside his foray into grindcore (which, I have to say, seen in the right contextual frame of mind, actually works), all is forgiven with his latest and I think his greatest ... Inglourious Basterds.

Believe it or not, this is a restrained affair compared to QT's previous efforts. No one does violence like QT, but what sets him apart from other run of the mill purveyors of "cool" cinema is his handle on tension ... and if tension is what you crave in a movie then the opening scenes at Monsieur LaPadite's farm are a tour de force ... and it does not let up till the final scene with Apache Raine and Col.Landa.

The acting is of course top notch but the women in this movie are luminescent!!! Paricularly Melanie Laurent as the avenging jewish angel Shosanna:

And Diane Kruger as double agent German Actress Bridget vin Hammersmark ... german has never sounded so mellifluous and sweet:

I'm sure there are oscar nods for this film already but it would be poor form if Christoph Waltz does not get a look in ... you'll understand why when you see the movie ... nuff said ... if you haven't seen it, go go go ... and if you are in the vicinity, nothing beats watching a movie at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville:

Its almost like being in gold class ... the comfy leather couches and the fact that the candy counter is licensed and you can bring your beverages in ...

It was a lovely afternoon and exactly what the doctor ordered ... monday will be interesting nonetheless!! Again, think happy thoughts for me peops!! (oh and for TN who is a kind reader and soon to be my partner in the unemployment line ... haha!).

And here's another pic of Denis Menochet (Msr LaPadite) ... erm why ... just because!!!
 (PS - I did have the actual trailer on here but the gods of DMCA were not happy and Temasek has been served!! - Anyhoo, I'm sure you can find it on other tubing sites if you so desire)


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