Monday, 3 August 2009

We need peace love and understanding

Ok .... I think its safe enough to pull this post out of draft as I believe the present has been sent and received.
I’ve always been curious about peops who collect figurines. Especially the ones that have no music, filmic or comic connection, or store/brand/TV tie-in. It seems like there must be factories out there in China just designing and spewing forth little plastic representations of anything from kitchen utensils, hardware through to display cases with miniature cakes.
And they’re not cheap!! With a tagline of “collect and trade” I know which side the bread is buttered on indeed. Who does and why would?
Anyhoo, is this what they refer to as Otaku?? I know that's like an all encompassing expression but is commonly associated with Anime and Manga. And obviously tangential links to Cosplay, animation conventions etc ...
But I was wracking the ole brain cells to try and find a present for a certain someone, and missing that certain someone terribly, and just having one of those weeks ... you know when nothing seems to go right and you can't see how it ever will ... I don't want to talk about the black dog nipping at my heels, as I'm not going to cheapen what is a real and severly debilitating condition with my frippery ... but feeling a little sensitive, the riot of colour and detail in the display window drew me in.
And seeing the displays of sushi (hello Sushi train) and cakes (hello Laurent!) it just made me think of the good times, and yes actually gave me a chuckle and a cheesy smile right there in the store ... so maybe I've answered my question about the why woulds ... and I guess the who does really is anyone! So if it makes you feel as good as I did in those first few moments of entering this particular aladdin's cave, then I say lets all get sucked in together!


dan cope wrote:
Oh my god. There is a place here in the berra called Crossiant D'or and for the b'day we had a chocolate pishasico cake, can't spell and i swear you and martini would have spooffed your pants. AND AND AND we went to a japenese bar oh man.. blew $150 for dinner and 4 beers. I ate an entire platter of sushi and sashami for myself and then we moved onto the kobe steak and the oysters. ahahahahaahah COME and stay.. I have only the best restaurants to take you too. OR we could meet in sydney and holy crap you would just die. I MISS sushi train too. oh boy.. xx
5 Aug
dan cope wrote:
I LOVE MY PRESSIE!! It's at my office now and makes me smile every min.. Jp couldn't stop laughing. YOU are the best. xxxxx
5 Aug

Temasek wrote:
i was lusting after this cabinet with a whole bunch of cakes and pastries on display ... at a $120 a pop I had to walk away ... but I go past this particular shop alot on my lunchbreak and I always pause to take a look ... so it kinda is like owning it anyways. Thanks for the link ... this is fascinating stuff ... wish i could red japanese though.
3 Aug
Phoenix wrote:
My fiancee collects those miniaturized foods and recently gave a whole bunch of them to my sister. Some of them are really high quality and I think that's what draws people in - just how realistic these mass-produced collectables are.

I know some people who collect what ever figures are being released at the time, it doesn't matter if they're based on Dragon Ball, Naruto or are miniature farm animals and food. Aegis-san, for instance, collects every collectable series the 7-Elevens have:
3 Aug


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