Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Over the canopies ....

Ok ... Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and vibes!! I think it may have wor. We're not quite out of the woods yet, but we are standing on the shoulders of the Ents and can see over the tops of trees towards the White Towers (sorry I just watched Two Towers the other night).
On your knees, C!!! And quake in fear ... D & M are on their way.


dan cope wrote:
If i could be there you know i so would be. Suzie, Melsy, Adsy, & Jp all sending reiki * Does it really work* through this IP address.
oh oh oh ... we have ifones now. I love it. no idea who is calling me or how to call them back. Your name is there with a photo of Tetsuya's Truffle salt.... yummy... I have a jar for you but I am scared of sending it in the mail. So once you get the 1st parcel, let me know and then your 2nd surprise is heading down to sunny Vic. xxxxxxxxx
2 Sep


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