Sunday, 2 August 2009

Self-Indulgent Warning - skip this if your mental constituition needs a B12 shot

Ok ... as promised time to get bored. I can feel your yawns coming on ... and the oompah Benny Andersson shit playing on my speaker, if you could hear it, prolly will not help!
We have taken the next big step on our road to finally achieving adulthood by entering the realm of Home Improvement. M, in particular has been boring all and sundry with his plans for our house, but we finally gawn done it!!! We have knocked through our back wall in order to put in a pair of mighty fine french doors:
 the wall stripped bare
the first cut!

an outline
 peel off the plaster
We were looking for an all in one service offering (stay way from Doors Plus) and opted for Doors Galore based mainly on the fact that they were going to make the hole and install the door as well, which meant we only had to deal with the one trade ...  literally, our builder T was working so-lo!! (call me naive, but I was a bit surprised at that)
He was Mr Comedy Man on top of that. The minute he walked in, he goes "where's the hole!!!" Oh my sides!! He didn't have the best comedic timing, but there are worse ways to break the ice. M of course launched in with the whole I used to be a builder remember the time when ... you know the deal. I fluttered, camera in hand, making sure that details were not being ignored. It was pretty exciting when he made the first cut ... and most of it was done by hand ... another naive assumption on my part, but I was ready with the power adaptors and extension leads for his special cut a building in half electric saw?? Anyhoo ... after a minor kerfuffle over T having thought our walls were made of asbestos sheeting ... yeah good one T ... another one of your ice-breaking jokes perhaps?? Best to leave that one out of the repertoire.
Once the plaster came off, pretty soon the weatherboards were gone leaving just the struts ...
 daylight peaking through
yanking the weatherboards off

struts exposed
I think T turned up about 8.30-ish?? And probably started around 9? He worked right through to 7pm without even stopping for a lunch break ... and he didn't even want
tea or coffee or a glass of water for that matter? Is this usual?? I dunno.
As it turned out, getting the hole ready is the easy part, getting the frame in and making sure the doors fit and work ... that took the bulk of the time, lots of hacking and sawing ... apart from helping out with holding on to bits and pieces, I left T to get on with the job at hand. It wasn't long before one side was in ... and as twilight approached and the lights came on ... T was on the home stretch. But not before one more stab at being named Comic of the year!! After exposing the struts, he goes "Alright I'm done! See ya". Hhmmm! And I go, yeah well you can go without the cheque.
 now the real work begins
 first one in ...
then the next ....
After fiddling round with the architraves ... T's work was done. Now you get what you pay for, so there were a few sloppy bits, fixable .. but a little annoying. We still have to sand it down, put an undercoat on the outside and stain it to match the rest of our doors ... but wow they're in!! And what a difference it has made to the space .. and actually to the vibe of the house as a whole!
Oh and I don't really know what I was trying to take with this picture .. but it kinda encapsulates how we feel ...
PS ... why is everyone hating on the new Kasabian album? Its pretty darn good.

dan cope wrote:
This is why i don't renovate.. looks awesome though xx
5 Aug


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