Sunday, 9 August 2009

In threes they say ... surely I must be out of the woods then!

Ok ... having put foot firmly in mouth on another blog, I just wanted to put something down here before tomorrow ... as things could change considerably post 3.15pm!
Anyhoo, first the operation, then disaster in the kitchen with a fat fire mishap, then mum in hospital!!
So it was a weekend of wine and dvd rentals! Just to recharge spirits and nerve ... oh and of course Australian Idol ... sucked in AGAIN!!! I'm really hating myself right now. Is it too early to have a favourite? If not, then what is it with me and teachers? Oh and a Radiohead song to boot.
If you know me or are a "friend" of this blog, please please please think happy thoughts for me tomorrow.


Temasek wrote:
thanks heaps ... not doing too well at the mo. but trying to remain positive
10 Aug
dan cope wrote:
Happy Happy joy joy... Are u ok mon ami? :)
10 Aug


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