Friday, 7 August 2009

Vale John Hughes

Ok ... if you were a child of the 80s ... and I mean a real child of the 80s ... then you would have seen/heard of/listened to a song from/copied an outfit off or wished you could get your hands on an outfit off one of John Hughes' movies ... you would have lusted after the first real celebreity fanta pants Molly Ringwald (if you were slightly off kliter),

or lusted after Andrew MacCarthy (at least until you see him in a love scene with Ally Sheedy - they're spooning and you can't tell whose arm is whose - WRONG!!) You'd even have a 20 sec moment of indiscretion with Judd Nelson, (maybe its the floppy hair .. who knows - I wasn't really an Emilio Estevez fan and Anthony Michael Who ... c'mon!)

 ... and Ducky!! OMG he was the nerd but girlfriend was always dressed mighty fine!!

Thank you John Hughes for shaping my teenage intellect and giving visual vent to all the angst and desires of this particularly lonely schoolboy wrapped up in his books, magazines and records, completely terrified of the world outside his shared bedroom walls.

(i) Breakfast Club
(ii) Pretty in Pink
(iii) Sixteen Candles
Have yourself an 80s video weekend ... go on ... in honour of this influential director. (oh and I've not mentioned Ferris Bueller's Day Off ... I don't need to, do I? I mean you have seen it ... wait a minute ... what you haven't?? Seriously? And why the fuck not .. rectify this sitch ASAP!!!)

dan cope wrote:
Kt little and i watched so many john hughes films we actually thought Judd Nelson was one of the gang. Oh the hair, the attitude.. loved it.. What ever happened to mr hughes?
10 Aug


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