Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Lyra Lyra Lyra

Ok ... the Golden Compass dvd is out in stores ... so do I wait like the trully cheaparse self that I am for the prices to go down at JB's as they invariably will ... or do I pay the extra 4 or so dollars and purchase it today ... oh dillema dillema ... they were playing it on the screens in the store when I went in at lunchtime ... and I had to walk out because I didn't want to see any of it until I had it home under the doona with the surround sound on. I worry about myself sometimes!

Addendum 14 July 2008 - ok so the 2 disc edition finally went on sale ... and M finished reading the book a few days after I purchased the DVD ...

We watched it .... and went ... yeah and shrugged our shoulders .... if you're bored on a sunday arvo with nothing else to do and this happens to be on telly ... then watch it ... otherwise .... unless you have read the books and are curious as to how they have been realised visually .... I wouldn't really bother!!!

I still maintain that Nicole Kidman is the perfect Mrs Coulter .... but I wish they had made more out of the daemons ... the connection bewteen human and daemon was just skirted over ... and its so significant both thematically and symbolically in the books ....
Anyhoo ... here's a 5 min trailer ... perhaps it may pique your interest (I hope towards the books ... rather than towards the movie)


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