Sunday, 27 April 2008

Where da fuck r'chu??

Ok ... so I've been a little quiet (i.e. really slack!!) but with good reason.

I recently had 2 weeks of the house to myself ... and admittedly it hasn't been easy. Managed to catch up with a few friends and start on a few projects and basically just chilled with the house ... if u know what I mean. I might mention a few online chats ... but somethings should be kept amongst friends. What I realised out of all this is that it did feel somewhat like I had lost a limb with M not being around ... I was in some way imbalanced (sic??) ... not quite whole ... my sleep patterns were all whacked out for a start ... and I stumbled around like I had too many antihistamines washed down with the merest slip of alcohol ... but thats all over now. M's back and I think he's glad to be back .... and I'm glad to have him back ...

So whats been going down?. I made a half arsed attempt to jot down little notes of whats been happening in order to formulate these into coherent paragraphs at a later date ... but having been bamboozled by new conceptual ideas like blog-house, math-rock and nintendo core whilst attempting desperately to stave of the ravages of time by trying to appear top of the game in all things YOUTH!!, I have decided to slip on the comfy slippers and slurp quietly at my condensed milk infused cup of tea.

So to celebrate the slowing down of synapses between neurons that have taken a beating over time, I will encapsulate in point form as the most expedient method of diarising this life that is quickly running out of tarmac as it slides ever onwards to the big FOUR -Oh!!

Point 1:
Scored freebies to AIR - at the Palais - in the third row.

Highlight of the evening - well really just being able to spend time with R. We were our usual indefatigable (just wanted to use one of my favourit words) silly selves. It was the night when the gods above decided to rent melbourne asunder with gale force winds. And of course we had to traipse all the way to west melbourne to meet D for the tix ... and wouldn't you know it, it starts pouring just when I decide to leave the office ... gale force winds and rain - not a great combo. But we survived, and froze our asses in sea breezes coming off the St Kilda coast ... had to duck to avoid seeing AW from Connect and got busted by P from EMI ... she remembered me of all things and I pretended ... All i can say is that AIR rocked at a few points .. but tis not the best of venues for them ... as it is their music is generally pretty laid back ... so ironically it does require a bit more interaction than row upon row of middle-aged (you read that right) or closely skirting middle age peops .. all comfy in their old world gold gilt chairs ... happy to be out of the cold ... and it didn't help that it wasn't a full-house ... and the vocodered "thank you very much" ... dude thats good for a laugh for about a millisecond ... but not throughout the evening. To be honest, we were more interested in the backing band .. they seemde to be doing most of the work .. of course they were all in black, set back of the stage out of the light ... Anyhoo ... here are some pics, not very good, off the dtt dtt on my mobile phone ....

We rounded off the evening at Meyer Place ... and I was over at D and R's the next night to catch up on music goss, faves and raves.

Which leads me to my current listening pics Point 2:

Whatever you do, don't go to the Myspace page and try to ignore all promo pics and videos before you listen to this. They look like absolute tosspots ... but boy is this album da bomb!!! If you haven't heard this, do your homework and let me know how it all turns out. I cannot stop listening to the album ... its Todd Rundgren for the noughties ... but don't let that put you off ... I dare you to resist the opening synth riff for Time to Pretend ... and you will be singing "I'm the weekend warrior" without even realising it.
Punchy, camp, shouty, nervy postpunk new wave rock. Not the best tunes, but something about the attitude. Play The French Open and Cassius, and you will be strutting down the street in your skinnies .. daring anyone to get in your way ... natural if you're n your teens ... pathetic in your late 30s.

And on the dance tip, even though I left raves and drugs and mixmag behind with the retail jobs ... but you can actually listen to these intellectually, and if you want to bob your head like a loser, ironic t-shirt, sneaker wearing loser straightie ... more power to ya ... but check these out!!!

I'm with you D on this one ... can't wait for a bonafide Black Ghosts CD - if i was 21, this would be the CD I would recommend anyone who asks how I like my dance music ... as it is I'm still recommending FC Kahuna's Another Fine Mess.

This one is a tad on the YOUTH!! side for me. Their album is a little bit faux-Justice ... but this really is a buggin' mix!!

Which reminds me ... if you're one of the lucky few to have downloaded Justice's rejected Fabriclive mix .. how fantastic is it!!!!!
FINALLY, M83 Saturday=Youth
Ordinarily I maintain that an Artist's music should be able to stand in its own right unreliant on the concept that drives it either via the videos, the press hype, the promo shots and/or the album cover design .... HOWEVER ... (apart from the naff pics in Cinematic Orchestra's Ma Fleur) ... having a visual reminder of what it was like growing up as a child in the 80s does contribute so aptly to the listening pleasure this cd affords. Its not the best M83 album, but certainly for peops like me, its almost painfully nostalgic ... I just wanted to hunt down old John Huston movies and Thriller-lite b-grade horror dvds with shoulderpads and stone washed denims ... i know that mentioning Molly ringwald in a lyric and having a Molly-lookalike in the artwork is a little heavy handed ... but you don't know what films like Pretty in Pink and the Breakfast club ... and even Fright Night mean to a tragic 80s freak like me. But be warned ... this is NOT the high NRG footlosse flashdance end of the 80s ... this is more Tears for Fears, unknown Cure wannabes on 80s movie soundtracks circa 83 - 85.

If you haven't heard any M83, don't start with this one ... buy the album before with its stalker-serial killer on the loose vignettes ... Before the Dawn Heals us ...
And as a taster of how perfectly atmospheric their music can be .. here's a clip from the new Spike Jonze directed skater film soundtracked by M83:

Point 3:

On my final book of His dark Materials ... this better have a kickarse plot resolution or I will be very angry!! But Nicole Kidman is the perfect choice for Mrs Coulter ... and Kate Bush should never contribute to a soundtrack evah again ... what the fuck is up with taht Lyra song???!!!

On to Artemis Fowl after this ... and then I really need some good adult fiction ...

Point 4:

Friedrich Gray and Romance was Born have hit the shops ... but my wallet says No!! Yet Again!! Foiled by the fucking Reserve Bank of Australia

Point 5:
My dear friends ... I need some inspiration y'all ... work is quietly driving me insane


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