Tuesday, 29 April 2008

How True ... nik naks in the garage!!

Ok .. so finally the BBC puts out the entire French and Saunders series in a box set.

BUT is it really complete? Apparently not.

The Christmas specials are not included, which means no Star wars/Lord of the Rings/kill bill spoofs (and of course it was too much to hope that the Amy Wino vs Britney farewell skit would be included), and rumour has it the Diana "got it all" skit is not present. Out of some kind of misguided monarchist deference?? If so, then dawn and jennifer I shake my head at you and cluck my tongue in dissappointment.

Having said all this, I will be at JB's on the day purchasing my copy ... looking forward to hours of laughing till it hurts with M looking on in wonderment. Might have to watch this with R for the full hilarity experience.

(ok so I'm doing this at work ... sue me for being bored!!)


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