Tuesday, 29 April 2008

His Dark Materials

Ok so avid readers (what a joke!!) of this blog will know that I have been somewhat fascinated by young adult fantasy in recent times ... It all started with Catherine Webb and I'm now nearly at the end of Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy.

But can I just say that Pullman's novels are simply unputdownable!!!

Cynical readers will say that we have tread this literary path countless times before ... all the stalwart mythological figures are here ... and everyone is on a quest towards their ultimate destiny ... and of course the allegories fall fast and thick with a heavy soupcion of religious dogma thrown in ... but the lines are blurred in this story as each and every character is flawed .... as we all are in real life ...

Regardless, Pullman has a way with plot and pace ... I was reading this on the train today ... the part where Mrs Coulter and Lord Roke are trying to destroy the bomb that the Magisterium want to ignite in order to decimate Lyra who they see as an Eve figure and symbolically the harbinger of evil in the world as her destiny is to be tempted and ultimately to succumb ... I was taking in audible panic breaths and letting out little yelps of excitement like a complete loser!!! Oh.My.God. You soooo have to read these books!
PS - where the HELL is my Portishead box set!!!!


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