Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Yo Tori - the review

Ok .... just as well no one reads this much as I'm about to write the unforgiveable and trash the new Tori Amos album against all odds.

Musically it is uninspiring ... considering that this is the woman who gave us Boys from Pele. Is there anything wrong with wanting something a little left of centre??? Seems to be a bit of a crime these days.

Lyrically, its your standard Tori fair ... inscrutably obtuse with sudden flashes of literary brilliance .... but trying to stretch words uncomfortably over phrasing gets a bit annoying ... when u need to add another syllable to a one syllable word ... thats an indication of lazy writing in my books ... but then again ... who am I to comment readers?

It was a momentary lapse of reason when I was in JB Hifi on the weekend picking up the next 2 Depeche Mode remasters installments, and I heard Tori playing over the PA ... I just had to get it. And I am a sucka for limited editions!

I haven't quite trawled through to the end. I've got 2 more tracks to go. But so far:

Songs I can manage:

Bouncing off Clouds
Digital Ghost
Almost Rosey
Girl Dissappearing

Songs I simply can't handle:

Mr Badman
You can Bring Your Dog

And now for something more exciting:

MIA - Bird Flu (oh why do we have to wait until fucking Aug before the full-length drops!!!!)

PS .... You have to check out Aqualung's new CD Memory Man ... beautiful



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