Friday, 25 May 2007

15.5.7 - E'Day

Ok ... so its settled ... 15.5.7 is my End day!!!!!

So I had myself a little bit of retail therapy. Went to DJs and got a black cotton V-neck Jumper ... there was a Paul Smith woolen one that was severelt marked down ... but its was in an off diarrhoea colour .... so we said NO to that one. Tried a grey Calibre one on .. but the fabric was thin and clingy .... and mama has stacked on a few kilos ... so it was not a pretty sight in the fitting room mirror.

Also bought my very firts pair of Nudie's. I'm thinking of going black .. i.e. black shirt and jeans .. this could very well be my new work look ... but knowing me I'll be sick of it after about 2 mins ... but seriously ... how many more years do I have before I start looking like one of those ... you know ... recapturing my youth types!!!! Bring on the collared shirts and chino's ... YAY!!! (Its too depressing for words)

Also got me some CDs (please don't call me moneybags ... I haven't been shopping in muthafuckin ages!!!)
I bought:

OMD - John Peel Sessions (a steal at $9.95 - bet this was a cancelled customer order - believe me I know about these ... they didn't call me pink bits at HMV for nothing)


Rufus Wainwright - Release the Stars


Battles - Mirrored


Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur


And nearly not - Bjork's Volta (ltd edition)


I was in the alternative section and this curly haired guy who was stocking CDs was there. He noticed me pick up the Battles CD and he goes "Awesome CD Man!!" and I go "Yeah I know" but I thought "don't talk to me about music Maan!!! I know what I like and what I don't like" Anyways .. I casually asked him whether he had the Bjork Ltd Ed CD (knowing full well that I've already been bugging D about this) and he says they have copies round the corner ... meaning at the other JB store in the city. And I go 'Oh Cool" and walked off to find the other things I wanted to buy.

I was then literally 3 persons away from the Checkout when he comes out and hands me a copy. They had literally just unpacked it in the storeroom and he was already on it. Now THAT's customer service!!!! I wish I had grabbed his name so that I could pass my commendations on.

Anyways, I'm only 3/4s of the way through but so far I can say its beautiful!!! .... I wouldn't say Stunning because there are no surprises here ... but damn I was excited to finally get my copy. The first thing I thought was "How the fuck do I open this damn thing without ruining the sticker!!" Thankfully, I was able to pull out one of the flaps on the box and access the CD from there. Me and M had a bit of a chuckle over the photos inside ... but at least she keeps trying different things ... you can hear maturity creeping into her tone now ... you get glimpses at what she would potentially sound like when she's older ... hopefully she goes down the Scott Walker track ... rather than (dare I say it) the Kate Bush ("my bff is Eric Clapton") one.  I know ... SACRILEGE ... birdcalls notwithstanding!!

PS ... VALE JP!!!



Danise wrote:
Hey there,
HOW awsomely amazing is my Rufus. Have you listened to all yet? Please tell me what you think.
AH, I wish you were here so we could discuss this over and over and over again. With of course sushi, red wine and prehaps more sushi.
I heart RW
oh btw have to download the song I must be emo. Frigging hillarious.
Painting my fingers nail black as we speak.
28 May

alfredo strazza wrote:
Hi, we are IL RUMORE DEI PASSI. Listen our music in our space!!!
25 May


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