Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Black Celebration

Ok ... as my readership is virtually nil, I guess it doesn't matter if I haven't done an entry for such a long time. Firstly, work is driving me mental and making me depressed, so is the fact that I have put on weight and can't fit into my favourite pair of cords (oh mama!!) and that I seem to have had a mini pimple outbreak on my forehead, and that I don't have comprehensive insurance so damage to my car is not covered, and I seem to be getting dizzy spells every now and then ... RIGHT! We've cued the bloody violins, they've played some scratchy mantovani riffs, we've paid them and they have left the building .. SO now we can get back to some kind of sanity.

Firstly, me and M went to the Brisbane Ranges recently and took some photos of the Anarki Gorge. Please see below. Pretty happy with the results, considering I'm not even close to being a novice at this whole photography shit, and that I'm using just an old Olympus digi camera ... no bells or whistles whatsover ... just point and shoot:
You can actually walk along the stream bed thanks to Victoria's current drought conditions, and most of the bush has been desecrated by fire ... still its quintessential victorian bush ... harsh but beautiful at the same time.

Secondly, I am re-aquainting myself with Depeche Mode's Black Celebration. I remember that at the time it came out I found it tinny and uninspiring and the artwork to me was derivative and lazy. But really could you blame me, the preview to this release was "Its called a Heart" ... enough said!!! Ah but for the privilege of hindsight ... I love it to bits now ... and you should too!!

Now I was tempted to grab Bjork from Polyester (non-ltd edition) but I gritted teeth and abstained ... I want the full Limited Edition Experience ... and from the tracks I've heard so far ... this could potentially be album of the year for me ... until the Radiohead release of course.



Temasek wrote:
Merci Monsieur Le President ... I will most certainly be referring to your blog on a regular basis ... I love deluxe editions!!!
12 July
Stewart Hardy wrote:
Saw your interest in the Bjork CD...
I run Deluxe Edition Central, a blog with the latest news on rare and limited deluxe edition CDs. Check it out!
12 July
Temasek wrote:
Oh wow .. ok readership of ONE then .. hehe
I'm too scared to ask ... but who r u?
11 May
Random Fandom wrote:
I totally am part of the readership! bring forth the updates! Love em.. love the tori review.
can't wait for your Bjork fabulousness limited edition experience review.
keep on truckin
10 May


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