Friday, 27 April 2007

What is my body telling me?

Ok ... well last night was a rude awakening for me. I did Yoga for the first time EVAH!!!
But I only lasted 15 mins before I started getting the sweats and feeling dizzy. If I hadn't stopped, I would have either passed out ... or thrown up and then passed out.
I think I gave the teacher Jo a bit of a scare, but she was terrific about the whole thing. She let me hang out in the kitchen area as she knew I had to wait for D, she brought me reading material, apologised for the spartaness of it all, and came and had a quiet chat with me towards the end of the session.
D was excellent about it all too!!!
I never realised that Yoga could be that intense. An hour and a half session for $15 is a steal I reckon. Especially when you pay more for 45 mins of some cardio/aerobic jumpey somethingorother!! But don't let them tell you yoga is all about relaxation and breathing ... and incense and dolphin sounds ... you may not be jumpey-pumpey, but its a pretty solid work out, with lots of abdominal crunching and musculature work!! I didn't expect that to be honest, especially for a Beginners class. Some of the positions they were getting into looked nigh impossible for me.
I'm eager to get back there again next week, but with some trepidation. I think the whole problem with yesterday was that I ate less than I normally would on days where I'm not doing any physical activity. I will need to make sure I have an afternoon snack in future .. something high in carbs like an LCM.
Mind you I'm still feeling mildly queasy now even as I type this. I'm not sure what my body is trying to tell me?? Is it something else completely separate to Yoga? Is this an early onset of something more sinister healthwise that I should be concerned about?? It was touch and go when I drove home last night. I had a couple of bites of an LCM bar enroute ... but I was still feeling nauseas even after a hot shower ... only managed to eat something at about 9.30pm.
But anyways, I'd still recommend the place because inspite of my adverse reaction to it all, I got a really good vibe from the place and the people. So click on link below for more info. (I'm doing Iyengar based Introductory btw) One thing I know from all this is I'm never going to do Vikram yoga ... even if there's a room full of hot guys I still wouldn't do it!!! 
For something a bit more cheery ... here is my new song - J*Davey with Mr Mister. These guys recently opened for Prince at one of his gigs ... have a listen .. you'll understand why:
(if this doesn't work, then go here: If it does then YAY ... I know how to embed a video now .. and I worked it out by looking at the source code of another blog page ... and fiddling with the script ... how proud am I?!!??) 


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