Thursday, 17 May 2007

What is my Body Telling Me Part 2

Ok, so I went to the Dr's for a checkup, theoretically to get another referral to the dermatologist so I don't have to sacrifice my first born child for a duck-beaked, botoxed fur wearing toorak type to prod my face a couple of times. But as you may not know, although being glib about it, my yoga episode has really freaked me out ... and I have engaged in certain nefarious activities which means that the usual run of blood tests are in order. Ok so I thought needle in the arm, maybe BP and thats it!!! So how did I end up with all of that plus a urine sample, and throat and anal swabs!!! I feel Violated!!!! No just kidding peops. I love it that they are thorough, but I must admit that I am now nervous about the results, especially since my BP is a little high. Whats funny is that I always see Dr J for all the "secret" stuff. Unfortunately he must live near where I work, and he goes to the same bagelry where I get my coffee, so I'm forever ducking behind corners or trying to blend into the crowd to avoid him. I just feel funny that he knows stuff about me that even M doesn't know ... intimate details!!! Yeucchh! How could you look someone in the eye out of context after that??? Its just wrong.

Now ... lets talk about Michel Gondry. Isn't he just too precious for words?? You know how people sometimes go "oh if you could go back in time blah blah blah who would you like to meet?" ... I know, falling asleep already ... BUT ... if I was a futureperson ... I would answer that question most definitevely with Michel Gondry!!

Anyways, here is Michel Gondry's ad for HP - I thought these visually creative types all use Macs??? Is this simply an advertising ploy? Is it simply all about the benjamins? Or does he really use the product? Either way, its typical Gondry, so enjoy!!!

And More Gondry Madness with the Rubik's Cube (thanks DB for the tip) ... LOVES IT!!! Make sure you watch in order!!

PS - can't stop listening to The Blow's Parentheses ... only because of the song title and how its worked into the chorus ... look there's still hope with music!!! AND I HOPE UR ALL LOVING BATTLES NOW ... 9.1 on Pitchfork (wankery aside!!)


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