Friday, 8 June 2007

Why am I not excited Yet!!!

Ok ... first apologies for my tardiness (?) ... I know at least one of you out there has complained .. but anyhoo!

Riddle me this ... why is it that I have a sum total of 4 working days left and YET I'm not excited AT ALL!!!! Why does it seem that on the cusp of my leaving that I am so majorly stressed!!! I should be floating round the office and having endless coffee breaks and laughing and carrying on and saying things like "Suffer!" and "Tell someone who Cares!!!" I'm too good I think.

But I am really looking forward to the new job. Its hard to describe because normally I react in the same way I react when I pay anything above $150 for a garment ... its always a mixture of excitment, regret and nervous anticipation. And I have been to That many interviews ... you have no idea!!! But I really really got such a great vibe from the people I met. There was the PR chick, the CS manager and a team member, and I was cracking jokes and talking about clothes and eveything .... so fingers crossed ... hope that my first impression lasts.

I've been getting heartfelt responses (well I hope anyways ... but who knows with these people) from some clients after hearing about my impending departure. Here are some choice excerpts:
"Oh no the only reason I was staying with [blah] was because you were there. Please if you are ever in the [blah] area please call in I will shout you a coffee. You have been absolutely wonderful to me and never lost your cool with me even if you thought I was a pain in the bum. Please keep in touch I would love that"

"P.S.  Miss you already ...................."

(between you and me ... if I was going to a competitor ... leave that to your imagination)

But just to fill in the gaps here are some pics from a recent Steamboat night:

For the uninitiated, Steamboat is like a fondue with stock. So you have your selection of meats and vegies and a little basket which you put the food in and that you use to dip into the stock pot for cooking. Try it peops!!! Its so easy .... you can use an electric frypan if you like ... and ready made stock (although really you want to make your own ... ) and then 1,2,3 and you have Steamboat!!! YAY!!!

ALSO I want to plug JM's restaurant SABROSO in Seddon:

Its on the corner of Gamon and Charles Street and its a Tappas Bar/restaurant and the food is yummy!!! and the wine and beer list is decent. Also every Thursday night from about 9.15pm the Pinstripes play an acoustic set with the lovely Trina (also a friend) and her bluesy voice!!!

Our first visit there a few years ago was memorable indeed ... I think we got well and truly sloshed ... well some of us ... and I believe JH foot the bill. Crazy 'Mo that he is!!!

KJ, MN and me went there last night with M joining us later. We had:

salt and pepper squid
cripsy bread and dips (the dips were heavenly!!!)
moorish chicken skewers
smoked trout (came out by mistake so twas gratis)
pumpkin tarts with a pomegranate molasses sauce which we weren't big fans of
and the piece de resistance - chorizo with chikpeas

So get your arses out there ... and if you're not from the west ... expand your horizons!!!


An old AGE review can be found here.


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