Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Spreading out in Spotswood!

Ok I mentioned Candied's custard doughnut in my previous post, so it behooves me to show you a little pic of what it looked like ...

We went back there on the weekend for a quick bite and discovered their Scambled Egg and Bacon brioche bun. When Toula delivered these marvellous little morseld to our sunny window ledge, she brought with her a bottle of Sriracha Chilli Sauce and encouraged us to give it a try. Slightly non-plussed we looked up in wonder at each other for the minutest of seconds, and dove right in with relish ... I mean us and spicy ... like a horse and carriage!

And let me tell you, the next time you have scrambled egg and bacon in a brioche bun, it is mandatory that there's a splodge of hot sauce on the side!

They didn't have any custard doughnuts left (l'horreur!) so I picked what I hoped would be the next best thing ... a salted caramel butter tart!! I don't have the literary capacity to aptly describe what this tasted like. Tired words like orgiastic, amazing, delicious, scrumptious ... they simply will not do. I need a Lawrentian paragraph with swirling brooks, suppurating limbs (ok slightly distasteful) and interlaced branches silhouetted against a caramel sky!! In other words, absolute heaven and as much of a must have as the custard doughnut.

Talking about suppuration, cafes and design shops are popping up everywhere along this strip of Spotswood near the railway line. Time and Constitution did not allow for another cafe visit, but this pop up design store certainly caught our eye and warranted a quick squizz.

Quazi design has recently taken up residence in what looks like an old Mechanics workshop here on Hudson's road. Its all bare cement floors and danish style crafted furniture, although the owners here have a penchant for Australian made furniture salvaged from hard rubbish days in Melbourne's, shall we say, more established suburbs.

M was on the verge of flipping out his hard-earneds on what could have very well been our new dinner setting. But commonsense prevailed. Damn us and our practicalities!! It was pretty and I still want!

Australian made and re-upholstered in Swedish fabric. Its so us it hurts! If you love this sort of retro refit modernist style, you should certainly check this store out. And the prices are surprisingly not stupid!

If you haven't quite made it yet, ditch the already overcrowded scene in Seddon and Yazzas and head towards the bridge. There's lots to discover down on Hudson's.


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