Sunday, 18 August 2013

5 Senses has invaded the neighbourhood at 6 Grams

Ok ... so 5 senses has invaded the neighbourhood ... its been a long time coming and couldn't be better placed than in a cafe that is all the best types of Melbourne and with a soupcon of culinary pedigree thrown in.

As most of the best things are, we discovered 6 Grams purely by accident, toodling down Rosamund Road towards Harvey Norman to check out an alternative Samsung Mobie for M.

I don't even remember what was there before but lets just mark time and provenance with this newly opened cafe in Maidstone/Maribyrnong - you can split the difference. By the time we got done with our errands, the kitchen was closed, so nothing off the a la carte menu was available, but there's plenty on offer in the display cabinet to satisfy both sweet and savoury tooth alike.

I mentioned culinary pedigree before ... well rumour has it (flick out your elizabethan fans girls and lets chat behind the brocade curtains) that there is a familial connection with the Abysinnian in Flemo. So needless to say, breakfast is of a slight middle eastern/north african bent (geo-politics ain't my strong point, so apologies if I offend).

The $6.00 pizzas looked nice so I chose the one with sausage on it. Perfect thin crust and a well balanced topping - this is what I would classify as the perfect lunch/snackage dish.

M was taken by the home-made sourdough bread so decided to opt for the simple ham, cheese, tomato combo to allow the bread its de mille close-up. He was not dissappointed - I like my bread, oddly enough, less bready, and by that I mean doughy.

I love 5 senses coffee and 6 Grams uses a Dark Horse blend - so good we had seconds. Besides we needed that second cup to drown the Custard filled doughnut, which sadly I have to report was not great. Not when you have those orgiastic NYC style ones at Candied on offer. But here's hoping that this was an isolated dud.

So while its still not quite within walking distance, its almost 1 verse and a chorus by car down the road. Although sometimes its a 12" remix when you're battling the Knifepoint traffic (seriously folks ... there are better things to do on the weekend!).

Also, amazingly enough, right next door there's another cafe opening called Food By Miranda! Soft launch soon, but officially opening 2nd September. And Miranda is a local Footscray girl, so its mandatory that we show support. However, Miranda, girlfriend, we need to talk about those opening hours - Weekdays only - 9 to 3 was it? That ain't going to cut it.

But you can hire Miranda for your next catering do! (click on link above).

And how do I know all this, well Miranda saw us papping the street, so she hoyed us in and gave us the low down hoe down!! And a mini tour to boot. Judging from the smells coming from the kitchen, even if it was just roasted pumpkins, I have high hopes for the quality of the food here. And Miranda is a card! We love her already.

So you know what, things are looking up Westies!!!

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