Friday, 30 August 2013

Its about time for a music post and Babes, the booty don't lie!!!!

Ok ... its been some time since I've done a music roundup. Mainly because the current music scene is more miss than hit and I'm hard pressed to find an album already released that is worthy of more than a sentence or two of my time.

So rather than review what has been, let's talk about what it is yet to come.

First up, Solange ... gurl ... that True EP was how long ago?? When's the album going to drop already? We need us some lo-fi, bedroom studio, shanty ass town honest soul to counter all this overblown auto-tuned twinky twerking soft porn that passes for R&B/Pop these days!

Still while you're messing about in the basement, Janelle Monae's sophomore is about to drop. And my pre-order that comes with a special edition 7" is already in the bag. I can't wait. Could there be a cooler song this year than Q.U.E.E.N.? I think not, and the Badu cameo just racks up the cool quotient even higher.

I'm not entirely convinced by second single Dance Apocalyptic, but there has always been a real sense of music erudition behind Janelle's songwriting craft. And she must have a crack production and engineering team behind her, as Archandroid was breathtaking in parts. So I'm looking forward to a rewarding album listening experience.

Next up, MIA - you ain't short of a bob or two, just release the damn thing yourself if the label is dragging its chain. Bad Girls was eons ago, and Bring the Noize with its dubstep sensibilities is already starting to sound a little dated. So its time to two step up methinks.

Kanye's discovered 90s techno, so lets aciiieeeed it up MIA!

And finally in the guilty pleasure corner, I'm really loving the new Fantasia/Kelly/Missy collab! But as with all neo-soul/r&b acts these days, they run out of the posts absolutely banging, but then the album drops and its full of by-the-way mid tempo to slow numbers, reeking of exhaustion before it even makes the finishing line. (did you know that Brandy released a newie late last year btw?)

I was going to mention GaGa, but that junket is pretty much in full swing. I'm not super sold on the video for Applause, I think she's worked with better directors in the past. But I loved the VMA performance, and this little teaser of new song "Swine" sounds very very promising indeed.

But I don't really get into this whole album as app trend (see Bjork). I want the CD/DVD combo thanks.

As an aside, I know this has been a deliberate forward looking exercise, but I've just rediscovered The Three Degrees' 3D from 1979 - what an amazing album!! You should definitely check it out sometime. Standby, Bodycheck!!!


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