Monday, 5 March 2012

Sambal Kampung - Redux

Ok ... on one of our recent CBA fridays, we paid a visit to the newly opened Edgewater (or Methlab City as I fondly refer to it) branch of Sambal Kampung. You may choose to read more here.

We paid this establishment a second visit to sample more of its menu. M was able to finally order his Mee Siam, which unfortunately fell short of its mark. I reckon there wasn't enough Tau Cheo, and I think M is right in surmising that lime was used to replace tamarind. The sauce itself had a wierd colour, not quite orange, and perhaps a little too clear. The actual ingredients were pretty spot on, the fried slivers of tofu were a particular delight. But yet again, authenticity is called into question.

I chose the Hakka Pork served on noodles. This is a rich dish, and I was struggling with it towards the end. But it didn't miss as far a mark as the Mee Siam. Although I do remember this being more mushroomy/fungusy in flavour. I am a sucker for Mee Kia (thin egg noodles) though.

Our Roti and curry starter wasn't that bad either ... so although not the very best, its close enough to be close!


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