Monday, 26 March 2012

Final (yes definitely) demise of the CD format

Ok ... so is this the final nail in the coffin? JB Hifi gets rid of its import back catalogue at $5 a piece. And I lose about $100+. Was it worth it? With some of these gems, I think so!

Early incarnation of the Sugarcubes - post punk new wave madness - KUKL's Holidays in Europe

Post Suzuki Krautrock relevance from CAN - Soon over Babaluma

Amazing early 80s Belgium label compilation - les disques du crepuscule 1980-1985 - packed full of rarely heard gems from Michael Nyman through to the Pale Fountains

Dimitri from Paris presents the Idjut Boys with a slew of classic 80s dub mixes including the likes of Raw Silk, Rah Band ... and erm ... Wham!

Essential Annie DJ Kicks compile - loungecore, post punk, electroclash ... brilliant

Nina Simone live - colour is a beautiful thing baby!! - Fodder on My Wings

Rufus and the inimitable Chaka Khan funking it out on Rufusized!

And finally, the best find of them all - Polysics "Hey Bob! My Friend" The Japanese Devo with a rocking cover of Pizzicato 5's Good!

Ah JB you've done it again!

Ok just for good measure here's the original P5 number:


  1. I have Rufusized on Vinyl. Great album!

  2. Fantastic anon ... I'm sure it sounds even better on vinyl!!


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