Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Nomiya Maki - 30 years in the biz!!!

Ok ... my Japanese friend Y has finally come through! I now have in my hot little hands Nomiya Maki's 30 - Greatest Self Covers & More!!! - I didn't add the exclamation marks . They're part of the title ... and well they should be. You can take your MDNA and shove it!! This is how you celebrate 30 years.

Not only did Y score the CD, but the LP version, a T-shirt AND a poster of which there are only 300 copies!!! Am I in heaven or what!

Sorry folks, busy now. See you on the other side of the disc.


  1. That´s the spirit!
    I love the album too.

    1. Hello and welcome to my humble blog. Hope you're enjoying the read. Nomiya Maki can do no wrong!!!


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