Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Best Instant Noodles Ever - if you can get hold of them

Ok ... if you're a Singaporean abroad, you will probably be aware of the Prima brand of sauce packets running the gamut of local delights from Mee Siam through to Singapore Chilli Crab.

You may also be aware of a fairly recent health scare when a food poisoning epidemic broke out at one of their deli stores. But they have fixed this so lets move on.

In addition, if you have had the opportunity to test out some of the flavours available, you probably swear by their authenticity and idiot-proof qualities. (And at the $5-$6+ price point, you want to be sure you're getting value for money!)

Well now they have 2 Instant Noodle offerings:


Curry Noodles

And they are AMAZING!!! Many thanks to the bro for the heads up and the free packets. And bless Melbourne customs for not confiscating.

They're easy to make and taste the real deal. But be warned, these aren't your usual 2 minute bang ups, they will take at least 10 mins to prepare, but are worth the extra seconds.

Haven't seen them round the traps here, but I'm sure they'll surface soon. Look out for these. Thoroughly recommended.

Meanwhile, my Taiwanese friend CC swears by these vego/no msg instant noodle packets. Not sure what the brand name is, but I quite like the herby ones ... although I think they had a bit of a laxative effect on me ... ok .. perhaps not the best recommendation then ... but they were pretty yummy.


  1. Ooh, I will look out for Prima brand! So the sauces are available here but the noodles not yet? Taiwanese no MSG noodles sound good. Maybe I will eat and lose a few kg, ha ha.

  2. Yes the Prima Sauce packets are readily available here, and very easy to use. And I'm not sure thats the best way to lose weight ... hahaha ... certainly not the most pleasant!

  3. No, I've not heard about the food poisoning outbreak! But I've tried two packets of these prima instants and they are pretty rich and creamy indeed!

  4. I'm unfamiliar with this brand but will keep an eye out! I, too, am partial to bringing back sauce packets from Asia... some of them can be really good!

  5. They're readily available here now Leaf. I wish I could bring back some of the home-made pastes but sadly they probably will not pass muster with Customs.

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