Thursday, 12 January 2012

Strip for me I'll strip for you ... treasures at The Searchers

Ok ... this was the Diva Showdown of my generation!!!

And I scored a pristine copy at The Searchers on Smith Street for the princely sum of $2.

In fact, my recent breeze through of a lunchtime garnered quite a swag of bargains. I reckon it was a gay break up and some prissy queen sold off his Bf's prized collection of well-kept LPs as a form of retaliation.

Well their loss, my gain!!


  1. What a coincidence! I'm in disco mood too. just ordered Vicki Sue Robinson and Linda Clifford from amazon 2 days ago.. Wow this vinyls remind me of the Attic and Beethoven.. Those were fun days!!!!

  2. and don't forget Rocky!!! (and swopping price tags but sshh ... secret!)


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