Monday, 30 January 2012

Hey Sister, Soul Sister ... its erm miss marmalade!

Ok ... I have always been curious about this little plonked in the middle of nowhere cafe that was always either closed or perpetually crowded every time we drove past. So after copping the whole "worse sense of direction" speech (I had no clue as to name or location), we finally worked out (thanks to Claire's wonderful blog) that we needed to head towards Union Street, Brunswick for the cafe delights of Miss Marmalade.

There's something special and slightly naughty about brunching/lunching on a working day. Its certainly less hectic than on a weekend, mind you we watched the cafe and the outdoor seating gradually fill up while we were sat in the cutest little window nook sipping 5 senses coffee and munching on our Tostade.

The staff are super friendly, the coffee fantastic and the food pretty darn (well what we had anyways) amazing.

Our pork belly and chorizo tostade is apparentlya recent addition to the menu which they are trying out. Well I hope it becomes a mainstay as it was the perfect combination of avo, fresh tomatoes, roasted caps, yoghurt aioli, manchego, chorizo and pulled pork. Heaven.

We'll definitely be back. I need to try the green fritters and also the duck.


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