Sunday, 15 January 2012

Newport - "such a pretty house and such a pretty garden"

Ok ... well I'm sure Thom Yorke was erring on the "Sarki" side with those lyrics, but I will appropriate them to describe Newport - beautiful victorian double fronters with the occassional faux-brick missteps and glass-cut modern temples nestled amongst old brick silos and bone-white industry, plus the cutest little shopping village this side of Essendon.

We tootled along its savvy streets in M's clapped out Camry, passing European 4 wheelers in their dozens, on our way to the suburb's slice of suburban bush - the Newport Lakes.

What a pleasant way to spend a glorious summer sunday arvo, casually strolling through native flaura circumventing a man made stone quarry lake.


We can't wait to get back here for some picky-nicky action! Any takers?

PS we even came away with some homewear bargains - soon to be an outdoor lamp shade and snazzy waste paper basket.


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