Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Gourmet Truck Juggernaut - CBA Friday at the Gumbo Kitchen

Ok ... so we're jumping on the gourmet truck phenomenon bandwagon, joining countless other Melburnians frantically checking their twitter pages to see where the latest taco/burger/sausage rolls are being parked and served.

The newest edition is the Gumbo Kitchen and their delectable Po'Boys!!

On Friday nights the Gumbo Kitchen truck is usually parked out the front of the Lux Foundry Cafe in Brunswick, which is an ideal spot as there's masses of room both in and out doors for hungry punters to soak up the sun and chow down.

Plus there is cold beer to be had at the bar.

The Gumbo Kitchen serves up road stand style Creole food, with a selection of Gumbo served with rice and also the aforementioned "Po'Boys"! We chose to have the Domilises - "Slow braised beef debris on chunky fries with cajun remoulade and pickles".

And we also ordered a Prawn Po' Boy - "Deep fried, lightly spiced and battered shrimp, crispy lettuce, tomato, pickles, Cajun spiced remoulade and Crystal hot sauce all packed into a fluffy bread roll".

Let me break it down (Bobbie Brown!) - you don't follow a roving truck round the cooler hipster suburbs expecting food with finesse and concerns about provenance and distilled organic flavours. This is a whomp in your face hit of salty mischief that your Doctor will advise against in respect to your health, but should encourage in respect to gimmicky fun and frivolity. (and believe me, its salty!!)

So like them on facebook or follow them on twitter, then hope for a fine day and warm weather, and track these Po'Boys down!! Its fun!

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  1. Hi there, I'd like to get in touch with you urgently about featuring your photo of Gumbo Kitchen at the top of this page in an upcoming book (with clear photo credit to yourself). Please let me know which email address would be best to contact you on. Very best, Katriona (Editor, Graffito Books London,


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