Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Post Christmas Deluge begins

Ok ... so now that the festive season is over, its time to knuckle down and squeeze in some reportage in between the unbuttoned trousers, gastric fevers, liver and lung perforations. Frankly speaking I'm over all this christmas goodwill and cheer, and would like nothing better than to get into my trakkie shorts and curl up on the couch with a bowl of clear chicken broth ... but there's NYE to come!!! So lets push on.

Firstly, wasn't the Christmas Day Hail amazing!! If those nuggets weren't so worryingly big, we could have pretended it was snow.

Still it was a lovely Christmas Day over at D's. Its always good to catch up with friends you only see about once a year.

M trumped with his curry puffs and plum puds.

He also added Sugee Tea Cakes to his party repertoire.

And over at J & CC's on Boxing Day, my lemongrass curry was apparently the "star" and "very excellent"! But my culinary nemesis DV surprised everyone with a sweet, his amazing trifle!

To top it all off, M gave me an automatic Coffee machine and he scored a Kenwood Patissier Mixer (in white though, the saga of a red one and my tanty at Good Guy's perhaps should be for another post).

Before we leave Christmas 2011 well and truly in the past, I will tell you about our amazing Christmas Eve repast ... thats coming up soon.


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