Friday, 23 December 2011

New Beginnings - Architecture and Symbolism

Ok ... while M is in the kitchen grappling with the finer points of a well fought and earned Sugee Cake recipe, I'm taking this opportunity to put the horse before the cart and talk about New Year's resolutions. Well, what I wanted to actually talk about is symbolism and karma. Just this very day, the finishing touches were made on a brand spanking new roof for our house.

It has taken 2 weeks and a couple of nail biting decisions to get to this point, and I must say it looks (a) like its always been there and (b) absolutely stunning!! Now I can't wait for the rains to sluice all that residual tradie dirt off so that our house can trully work her new weave ... I think the rest of her outfit is going to look a little shabby in comparison!

Anyhoo, we are hoping this clears all that bad juju accumulated over the last few months like a bundle of burning Sage (its my new thing from American Horror Story). And I think its already working. The house feels lighter somehow, like its finally been allowed to exhale (don't roll your eyes at me) and so I know that M's Sugee cake will come out light as a feather, and that all my New Year's resolutions will come true.

Or I could be totally deluded in 2012 ... which means nothings really changed.

(C'mon you know you want to, ready? Everybody say "shoop shoop be doop")


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