Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Kathy Griffin loves Breadtop

Ok ... Saturday Night at the Athaneum ... it was as if God had slashed Collins Street with a lightning bolt of rainbow proportions and the cracked earth spewed forth the better part of Melbourne's LBGT community onto the tarmac. Fred Niles would have shit himself!

And who were we all sashaying around for?? The indomitable and irreverent Kathy Griffin.

If you are unfamiliar with Kathy Griffin, actress/commedienne, its time to get aquainted. Check her out on YouTube. If you like trashing celebrity talk, you will not be dissappointed. But leave your PC sensibilities at the door. Do not enter if easily offended.

If I could leave you with a full transcript of Saturday's show, I would. But here are some choice moments which you probably won't entirely get, but I am chuckling even as I type them out for you.

Julia Gillard is Tilda Swinton
Melbourne or rather Shanghai
Asians with Aussie accents
Anthaneum - a methlab
Oprah discovered Australia
Oprah is a c*** (oh yes Kathy went there ... she brought her C-Bomb game!!)
And she brought her camel toe
Hugh Jackman's wife - "she's a little sturdy"
Hugh Jackman - Back on Broadway - gayest show ever
Oh and Kathy loves Breadtop!!!


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