Thursday, 17 November 2011

The World is So Loud. Keep Falling. I'll Find You.

Ok ... she said it herself. "Every old sock meets an old shoe" And its exactly how I feel listening to Kate Bush's newie "50 Words For Snow".

Officially this is released on Nov 21, but I chanced upon a full rack of CDs when I dropped into the Yellow Peril (aka JB Hifi) at lunchtime. Sounding briefly like a constipated cat, I nearly hopped, skipped and jumped my way to the counter, credit card at the ready.

Then I had to spend an entire angonising afternoon at work before rushing home to pop this on the stereo. Mind you I'd already streamed it the night before on NPR.Org (National Public Radio)  - great site by the way. Here's the Kate Bush link.

But there's nothing like the full stereo experience, comfy couch, glass of wine, booklet in hand, lets go! And there's Kate ... booming out of the speakers from an amazingly produced album, singing about snow in the warmest of tones ... like a snuggie on a cold winter's night ... except its a balmy 20 degrees outside.

Let me warn you. This is not a Pop album. It requires more patience than your average knifepoint-haired gnat posseses! Oh but it repays in spades. Its an album of short stories built round the central theme of snow. Mainly pianistic in construct, Kate really knows how to work the spaces in between the sounds. With Elton John, Stephen Fry and good ole Bertie joining in the process, this album is not for everyone, but if you're embarrasingly in love with Kate Bush as I am, you will not be dissappointed.

"Only you can do something about it.
There's no-one there, my friend, any better.
I might know what you mean when you say you fall apart.
Aren't we all the same? In and out of doubt."
Among Angels - Kate Bush

PS - did we finally get something early for a change over here in the arse end of the world? Or did we flout some kind of embargo today? Anyhoo, Australia, we may have been the first country to have purchased Kate Bush's new CD in the world!


  1. I really ADORE this new Kate Bush's CD... I keep listening over and over again and I never get tired. It makes me cry, it makes me think, it simply carries me in the snowy and dreamy land of quiet and beauty. To me is one of her most beautiful works, and your wonderful review caught exactly the spirit of it.
    Thank you from Italy

  2. Hi Marco, thank you so much for taking the time to read my humble blog and post a comment. Aren't we lucky this year to have 2 Kate Bush releases!! I am glad she takes her time though, it really shows in the music. There really isn't anyone like her, is there.


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