Tuesday, 15 November 2011

DOC - A Girls Night Out

Ok ... I think its getting to the point (in the same vein as Melbourne is synonymous with fussy coffee) that you can get great pizza anywhere you go in this lovely city of ours. I'm so glad we're moving farther away from cheesy thick crusts to the more refined, and infinitely superior thin crust varieties. And I love that we're exploring bianchi options, although the true mark of a good Pizza restaurant is ultimately how well they serve their Margherita!

DV, CC and myself recently had a girls night out ... i.e. no stifling partners in tow. We started with drinks over at Von Haus on a lovely Friday evening, clouding the quaint little outdoor backyard (the size of a dunny lane) with cigarette smoke and twilight conversation. CC trailed behind with a story of an arsehole bus driver and doe-eyed persistance that we could walk an evening stroll to Carlton Espresso, which had no room for us.

So we ended up at DOC, where the beautiful people hang out ... including Dan from Cut Copy sat at the table next to us. (And No Licio, I couldn't get up the courage to say Hi and my efforts to sneak a pic were a dismal failure). Be prepared to wait for a table, and that Italian exuberance could come across as abrasive to some, but really you're pretty much here to eat or takeaway Pizza.

It was a trully pleasant evening as we chatted and munched on delicious pizza, amongst an endless parade of boys we could have fallen in love with, giddy from the heavy scent of truffle that emanates from the open kitchen.

Lets do this all over again ... very shortly.


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