Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tramway - a few new additions to the menu

Ok ... indulge me for a second. I just needed to "jot" down these new additions to the Tramway menu, mainly for my own reference. But of course I can thoroughly recommend each and every one, although the Venison burger, I recommend in proxy, as I don't eat Vension. Period.

The current Tramway special: VENISON BURGER - Char-grilled venison pattie topped with homemade blackberry chutney, fresh pecorino, aioli, Spanish onion, tomato, cos lettuce and chips

A revamped Chicken Main with the addition of these amazing potato and chive croquettes: Free-range roasted chicken breast, dusted with prosciutto salt, drizzled with jus and served with Italian coleslaw and potato and chive croquette.

A new addition to the vegetarian selection which is an absolute winner!: Homemade Semolina and Ricotta Gnocchi in a confit of new season tomatoes, olives, basil and garlic Topped with Reggiano parmigiano

If you haven't been ... hello!! C'mon!! Get your butt into gear. When you visit the website, the first photo you see is mine! I'm still chuffed about the fact that they've left it on there even though there have been better photos taken.


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