Wednesday, 30 November 2011

On Being Patient and discovering Kurt Geiger

Ok ... there are times when it pays to be overly cautious, and perhaps a little nervous precaution is sometimes warranted in a decision making process ... what exactly am I waffling on about? Well, bryanboy has been rocking the Kurt Geiger's something shocking in recent times, so I decided to do a little cyber sherlocking, thinking all the while that given bryanboy's proclivity (apart from the odd Uniqlo and H&M "misstep) for high end couture the pricetag would be something even Jessie J would baulk at, I was pleasantly surprised to find that prices were not entirely astronomical, and at an additional £12 or so, goods were actually shipped to this part of the world.

So before I knew it, I was registered and filling up the shopping cart with wild abandon (some styles do not ship out of the UK). As its my want, I add then cull ferociously, usually ending up with absolutely nothing in my cart! But I just couldn't empty this particular shoe out. Its called the Rio, and if it was pushing 6 feet with a hairy chest, I would marry it in a flash.

Needless to say, close sartorial advisers amongst my friends were suitably harrassed with my "do you like it as much as I do" emails/txts/FBmsgs. Bless them all, even if they didn't they lied convincingly.

My chest still heaving with the sighs of indecision, I got to work and found a stack of ELLE UK magazines each emblazoned with a shiny piece of red plastic the size of a credit card with the words Kurt Geiger in bold print in the foreground, with a slightly more subtle motif of £25 repeated underneath.

To cut a long story short, I had just scored myself a Gift Card worh £25. And that is straight up £25. No committing to a subscription or entering a draw! It was just a mater of registering the number and logging on to purchase.


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