Monday, 3 October 2011

The House of Usher ... ok no that is a bit mean

Ok ... look away if you do not have a strong constituition either for scat or pap!!

I love M so much for putting up with 10 days of pee, shit and blood!! With the parentals here and a scratch happy cat, our house has been turned into a veritable charnel house of bodily fluids.

So bless MN for cooking his own birthday dinner at the start of this Septimana Horribilus. Our loins were well and trully girded by:

(a) A Kick Arse Vietnamese Salad

(b) A FatFried smosgaboard of Chicken Wings (watch me disgrace myself!!!) and fish cakes

(c) Just for some light relief, a heavenly dish of sticky sweet pork (my fav of the night):

And a new and brilliant recommendation in the liquid refreshment portion of the evening:

And again, we weren't fishing for an invite MN!!!

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