Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Ok ... starting off with possibly the world's worst pun ... ever!! On our way to said Tutankamun (a little on the meh side ... in case you were wondering) exhibition, we stumbled on the free portion of the Motorclassica exhibit, where I fell absolutely in love with the "push me pull me" Fiat 600 Multipla ... possibly the world's first mini-van??

Isn't she gorgeous? Wouldn't you love to toot this down Chapel Street with a best of Ministry of Sound CD pumping out of your speakers Maaate!!! No?

Meanwhile, to make up for the nasty taste that my hideous pun has invariably and indelibly left you with, here is a picture of new internet sensation, Boo the Pomeranian ... *aawww*


  1. oh i love boo. we are friends on fb for a while now. He is soooo cute. xo dc


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