Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hey Boo!!! An afternoon spent with Atticus Finch

Ok ... there's nothing quite like Sunday arvo drinks ... unless of course you're a real nanna and have to rush off to do your washing or something like that. Anyhoo, we met up with our culinary partner in crime and intrepid fashionista P for drinks and nibblies at Atticus Finch.

Lygon Street East Brunswick is already well established as the alternative Fitzroy (well lets face it ... Fitzroy ain't fitzroy anymore) - relatively untouched by the homogenising effects of the larger "slash and burn" chain stores ... but then again as rental and housing prices start to soar, the inevitable will happen. So lets enjoy it while we can.

We were early enough to score a booth here but considering that it was such a wonderfully sunny day, we debunked outside and enjoyed the better part of an hour in warmth before the weather turned.

Sharing a charcuterie selection plate and nursing a: G&T for P, Indian Pale Ale for M, and a decidedly camp Shadygaff (which is half lager, half ginger beer) for yours truly. The selection of cold meats provided ran the gamut of spicy Salami, petit saucisse seche (i.e. sausage), capocollo (which is a cured meat very much like prosciutto) and pistachio ham. All of this served with some pickled green chillies that packed a mean punch, red capsicum and yummy triangles of sourdough bread.

As afternoon turned into evening, we moved onto wine with a lovely Gerwutz blend from France - Hugo Gentil 2008 which will be my new Summer Fav as its crisp and light and a very drinkable white.

As the mercury dropped, we moved inside and started on a red from ... wait for it ... CANBERRA!!! Who would have thunk. And it wasn't too bad. The first mouthful was slightly underwhelming, but after a chance to breathe, it quietly picked up. The wine we had was a Tempranillo from the Lake George winery ... apparently Lake George is the leisure playground for the cashed up academic/civil servant ... well I'm going on the assumption that P spent a number of summers sailing on Lake George ... and I guess you can't get more posh than him!!!

To accompany this surprising drop, we had Cheese Kransky with mustard and saurkraut, as well as a couple of serves of fried haloumi. I was hoping that we could have shared a few more and had a bit of variety but the Cheese Kransky ... ohmygod ... the kransky ... the reaction I got when I simply broached the possibility of sharing .... you would have thought they hadn't eaten for decades ... someone was absent from kinder on the day they has the lesson on sharing!

It was an all eating and drinking weekend let me tell you ... and my favourite blue shirt is pulling at the seams now so I am on a high fat protein alcohol comedown ... which will last until my next  ... ooh M!! Fish curry! Don't mind if I do ....

PS - the chick who was manning Atticus that afternoon was amazing!! She kinda reminded us of Raksha from Time Team. She singlehandedly prepared and served all food and drink ordered that day ... all by her lonesome ... she even had time to nick out for a delivery!!! Amazing!


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