Monday, 10 October 2011

Chicken and Beer ... really?? Yeah really!!

Ok ... sometimes the best way is the simplest way!!! Why overcomplicate things when you can easily state facts. If you serve Chicken and Beer, why not call your establishment ... well ... Chicken and Beer!! Alright ... its actually called GAMI - Chicken and Beer, but we shouldn't let details get in the way of a good byline!

It was one of those early Spring evenings when the weather turns! M met me in the laneway huddled up and lightly drenched. We skooted across the way to the rather nondescript entrance at the Spring Street end of Little Lonsdale.

Thank god we were early. This joint is rocking!! People were being turned away within about 20 mins from when we sat down. And we got there just after 5.30pm.

GAMI is actually a Korean restaurant, but there's no bim bam bup or hot plate bbq in sight. They serve Fried Chicken ... oh and beer. Its basically an upmarket KFC ... and there's nothing wrong with that sentence ... at all!

The first dish that arrived at our table was something called Corn and Cheese. We didn't really know what to expect. I was thinking a couple of corn cobs with a bit of melted cheese on top. Just something to bulk the protein factor. What we got was a round hot plate of corn absolutely drenched in the stringiest melted cheese ever.

We also ordered the Kim Chi Pancake, which was delicious, although oddly enough I wanted the Kim Chi to taste a lot stronger than it was. And I don't really like Kim Chi. The accompanying chilli sauce was a little heavy on the Soy, but it also went well with the fried chicken.

There is no middle ground with the Fried Chicken offerings. Apart from the choice of flavourings, the fried chicken plate comes in only one option ... Super Size!!

We decided on plain old Korean style. And I swear there must have been a whole steroid fucked chicken on the plate. We couldn't quite finish it all (which if you know us, is highly unusual!). But it was yummy and exactly what we were after. Next time (and trust me there will be one) we'll order the tasting platter, which gives you all 3 options on one plate. And we'll have more people with us so we don't look like absolutely pigs.

I wanted the staff to come and clear the empty plates because I was embarrassed by all the food arriving at our table. I shouldn't have worried, because as we walked out, the table of 2 guys at the entrance were hoeing into 2 plates of chicken, a jug of beer (that comes in a keg) and 2 lots of pancakes! Crazy!

Oh and we had beer.

What it says on the tin peops ... what it says on the tin.


  1. That chicken looks so deliciously crispy! Definitely good to wash down with a cold beer. :D

  2. It was yummy leaf. I'm still talking about it!!

  3. oh get out of town.. that looks bloody amazing. :P d xox

  4. I Know Anon (aka DC)! It would have sooooo been a regular stop for us on our way back from Richmond!!! Along with the non-existent sushi train!

  5. I LOVEEEE GAMI!! Has recently become one of our all time fav hangout/drinking spots. Not to mention the food. Good stuff mate!

  6. Thanks for your comment Winston! On that same stretch they're opening a Laksa Bar ... can't wait to see what thats going to be like.


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