Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lights! Camera! Action! Sweetie!

Ok ... I'm probably going to get into trouble for this but I recently participated in a photo shoot for a friend's entry into a design competition ... well I say participated, I was more hanger-on sticky-beaker than anything else, although I did move some furniture and get coffees ... oh and I got my friend her photograper who was an absolute star. Perhaps my new career as Producer/Fashion Agent awaits somewhere in the never never!

Anyhoo, I was expecting something slightly on the amatuerish side of a backyard laboratory, but as people and equipment arrived, I had to revise my ill-conceived and uneducated opinion.

Even as K blossomed from cold ravaged sleep deprived fashion student into smoky-eyed high heeled and high haired diva under the filtered lights, I watched in wonder as my little presh transformed into a pocket rocket of lotharic charm behind the lens, teasing and cajoling sultry and playful looks in wild abandon. And through it all, my friend J, designer hands posed just so looked on with natural confidence as if to say "World! I have arrived!!" And I'm honoured to have been a part, however small, of that journey.

PS - Dench's really have nice bread.
PPS - oh and I can't really show you the final product ... IP peops IP!!


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