Saturday, 17 September 2011

Supersizers go Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen

Ok ... it was a lovely spring night perfect for a barbie, and we took the road well travelled and opted for someone else to sweat it out over hot coals for us. So we headed down to Flemo for a spot of Chinese Spicy Barbie at the newly minted ... erm ... Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen ... does what it says on the tin peops ... what it says on the tin!!

We're the Johnny come latelys where this joint is concerned. Eugooglelize this and you will see blog after blog waxing lyrical on this cafe's spicy and smoky delights. And it well deserves the accolades and star ratings.

The restaurant has the quaintest wooden tables with these wacky plump little chairs which are surprisingly comfortable, although I noticed a couple of skips doing some crazy arsed back stretches at a table nearby. So maybe not for everyone.

You're spoilt for choice with the menu here complete with the usual mispellings and descriptions that are well and truly lost in translation (dried banes anyone??). But first things first - straight to the back page and choose from the various BBQ skewers (or strings ... don't ask thats whats written on there ) on offer.

We opted for the lamb, chicken skin and baby squid. The first to arrive were the chicken skins.

A thin coil of chicken skin thread through tiny metal skewers like the ends of sparklers (perhaps string was an apt decription after all), not quite crispy but heavily spiced with cummin and pepper.

Next up was the lamb. No surprises here, although they could have been less heavy handed with the bicarb.

To accompany all this grilled madness, we had a cold dish of jellyfish and radish which was divine, but played havoc with my sensitive teeth. I've always looked forward to the jellyfish component in the starting cold dish of every decent 10 course chinese dinner (do people still do this?). I like the crunch and the sesame oil flavour. And I like this particular dish very much.

We also had something called Chilli and Beancurd, which was actually beancurd skin cooked in a clear broth with sliced green and red chillies. This was delicious and the perfect foil for the richness of our other menu choices.

They brought our bbq baby squid last. And I'm glad they did. It was pretty much the same marinade as the rest of the skewers but with the spice and chilli notes dialled up to the max. It was the best way to finish what was an extremely satisfying meal.

Another recommendation!!

PS ...  I could eat Giles Coren in whatever period he wishes to supersize himself in!!!


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