Monday, 25 July 2011

Sous Vide Madness

Ok ... now that only the boring people are left on Masterchef, I have been suitably inspired to try my dab hand at Sousvide-ing some poultry ... except for the "vide" part which I wilfully ignore despite M's repeated warnings to ensure all the air has been massaged out of my makeshift vacuum pack ... a couple of sandwich bags from Daiso.

So I placed my chicken breast in said sandwich bag with Thyme, butter, parsley, mushrooms, salt and pepper. I mushed the bag down and seal in a pique of indifference and bung it in some simmering water with a lid on and cook it for a better part of an hour and a half.


Meanwhile, I decide to puree something again ala Masterchef and opt for Pumpkin, Corn and fetta. I roast the pumpkin and corn with some rosemary and beef stock and then into the mixer with the fetta and sour cream.

To accompany this folly, I fry purple cabbage with bacon, pine nuts, cummin and a bit of beef stock (yes I had some left over that needed using) and then bobs your uncle/aunty/whatevs, dinner was ready for plating.

The verdict ... a little rough around the edges but super yummy!!


  1. This has got to be your most colorful post! I can almost smell it D..

  2. chantek yah javaom? It was yummy but I've decided to leave creative plating to the experts.


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